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150 Capitol

KVCAP Gas Piping


A. Fredericks Duct

Fairfield Inn Install

36 Anthony Ave Swap Out

Children's Museum RTU

WGME Ductless Swap

Bixby Chocolate Factory System Install




Rent-A-Center HeX Replacement

Pederson Install

J. Ippoliti Boiler Swap

L. Morse Extractor

Lawry House Duct

J. LaPlante Rinnai Install

Overlook Camp Install

J. Gilson Unit Replacement

T. Allen HP Install

Nova Farms Install

ABM Install

Wiscassett High School Duct

CO Beck HP Removal

DHHS Pumps

Kidney Center of Maine - Augusta

Kidney Center of Maine - Gardiner

S. Hildreth HP Install

Blais Properties - Installs

Golden Pond Install

33 Stone Install

China Library

Q. Taylor Boiler Conversion

R. Fletcher Gas Conversion

AAA Intake & Exhaust

R. Shephard Plumbing

Brunos Pizza HP Install

J. Cochran Install

China Post Office Install

L. Morse Extractor

M. Hamas Install

Planet Fitness - Rockland

Planet Fitness - Augusta

AHOP Install

S. Paradis Install

Vassalboro School Duct

Educare HP Install

Whitefield Post Office Install

D. Hogan Install

Jay Mill Install

Charter Spectrum - Rockland

Curtain Shop RTU

Woodlands - Bridgton

E. Palin Install

Photo Aug 13, 11 39 59 AM.jpg

Woodlands of Cape Elizabeth Aircon

Varney Space-A HVAC

200 Main Street Minisplit Swap

K Pharmacy Minisplit

Peachy PUC - K. Drive

Phi ROC - Herschfeld

S Aronson Basement Bathroom

Weaver Wind Farm

Riverside Disposal Air Piping Addition

W Bennett

Woodlands of Brewer Demand Duo

FW Webb Augusta Heat Pump & ERV Install

36 Anthony ERV Duct

C Gartley Repipe Condensate

D Charest Return Duct

B Skehan Natural Gas Conversions

14 Edison Natural Gas Conversion

254 Western Ave Natural Gas Conversion

CMK Property Management Daikin System Install

Woodlands of Brewer Office System Install

J Turner Hybrid Electric Install

Weeks Mills VFD Hot Dawg Install

Woodlands of Waterville Med Room Minisplit Install

M Lutte Boiler Install

Wiswell Office Daikin Install

T Simeone Boiler Install

325E RTU Replacement

Woodlands of Hallowell Addition

M Rowe Duct Install

L Morse Duct Install

Phi New Harbor

KVCAP Heat Exchanger Replacement

S Doody York Install

G Vachon Boiler Swap

S Klinger Gas Piping, York Furnace & Hybrid Install

Phi Bowling Alley

Realty Resources AC Swaps

Phi Highbrow - Bath

Temple Beth El Conversion

ES Coffin Engineering Boiler Swap

E Skehan Natural Gas Conversion

J Fairfield Natural Gas Conversion

J Pershouse Ductless Split Swap

M Walters Boiler Install




FW Webb - Hampden

UMA Dorms

160 Capitol 2nd Floor

Ballard Center MOHS Plumbing

Gardiner Annex Extra

Lawson Property


MSEA Steam Boiler

Palermo Library

Phi - Rockland

Phi - Camden

Realty Resources Management

Togus VA

T Caron

Bateman Partners Fore Street RTU Replacement

Core Cutter

Mathews Brothers IT AC


190 Water Street Bridal Shop

China Middle School Gym

Edward Jones

Maine Cap & Stem Refrigeration

M Schwarz

Temple Beth El

Granite - FW Webb Hampden

Kennebec Mall

New Beginnings Flooring RTU

Woodlands Madison

Cape Elizabeth Kitchen MUA Relief

Garage Heat

Schwarz Plumbing

Woodlands Farmington Eyewash

Water Street - Gardiner



157 Capitol

15 Middle

190 Water Street AC Installs

200 Main Street Lewiston

Camp Keyes Sim Center Gas Conversion

D & D Baker

D Reynolds



Modine Unit Heat

Hazen Heat Pump

Planet Fitness Heat X

J Desautel Workshop

Kajoian Gas Repipe

McPherson Hyek

M Adams Well Tank

New Beginnings RTU Swap

Ballard Center

Phi Rockport

Phi Millay

Phi Stockman

R Costigan

Standard Distributors

Suburban Plymouth Duct

T Marple Rinnai

T Caron




Woodlands Pharmington Phase 2

YRC Freight



69 Spring Street

2 Anthony Anchor Room and Small Office

Phi 155 Shermans Point

Andrew McRichards Water Street, Gardiner

Augusta Rehab

B Stratton

B Williams

Capri Apartments Heat X replacement

C Joy

C Ouelette

D Sharkey

Gardiner Annex Revamp

USGS Duct Rehab

Enterprise Rental Conversion

Fairfield Fire SNG Conversion


Golden Pond Heat Pump

16 Middle 5th Floor

16 Middle Shell

Mother House

Plummer School Apartments

16 Middle 3rd and 4th floor

Hobbins Conversion

HPA Service Jefferson Duct

Capitol West AC

Kerry Spirling ANG

KVBC Fellowship Hall

Lyman Morse

Maranacook School

NE Trane Penbay Medical VAV Trane

NE Trane Fairpoint Bangor

Norris Preble Cumberland Fire Station

NPC CMP Tower Site

On Target

Patts Pizza RTUs

Phi Breitner

Phi Steward Cottage

9 Stone

R Diorin DHW Install, Furnace Swap

Waterville PD Condensate

W Powers Furnace Swap

Wireless Construction Gas Line



2 Anthony RTU Swap​

16 Commerce Drive

41 Anthony 20 Ton York

41 Anthony Viessmann CM2

325 E KMD

Anna Bananas

Annalee 5 Ton RTU

A Stevenson

Augusta Natural Gas

2 Apt DHW

CO Beck Office

D Joseph

DHHS Lewiston

DHHS Telco Room

Elvin House Grandview Timber Frame

Gardiner CSO Pump Station

Hallowell House Terry Hill

H & J Hostelly

Jim Metal Fab

J Bailey Russell House

J Mason Conversion

M Martindale

Maine Drilling Jims Metal Fab

Masiello Group Return Duct

Music Camp

Music Store RTU

Norris A Preble

Parkhurst Railroad Square

Phi Rockport

Phi Nixon

R Johnson

R Shepherd

RL Builder

Servpro Natural Gas Conversion

Smart Eye-Care RTU

Farmington woodlands

Hallowell Woodlands

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